I design interactive installations. I do the conception, programming, graphic design, music and sound design.

The idea is to cross different media, different technologies to create emotions and/or convey a strong message. It doesn't need to be a technological challenge, it can simply offer something to feel, or something new by the way it is brought to people. But definitely something true and intuitive.


It consists in randomly picking a card in a deck and inserting it in a device. The computer will refer to the « True Fate Database », a mysterious database that will determine your real mission on earth. The result will appear on a screen and will be announced by a female robot voice.

In a future version, your mission will be printed on a little ticket via thermal printer to always make you remember what you're destined for.

For this installation, I designed everything : The missions and the cards are made with Illustrator. The device is made of black kadapak. (I'm looking for someone who can help me design it with plastic, steel or anything. If you're interested, you can contact me…) I programmed the software with the combination of ReacTIVision and Max/MSP. Music is made with Ableton Live.


Another project under construction… This installation requires two persons (relatives, friends, lovers…). It makes you face the narration of the first memory of each other. Once you have told the story, you can play with the timeline of the video watching your behavior while you were recorded. This installation plays around the concepts of time versus the perception of moments of life and the differences of relationships within these moments. More soon…


This my first interactive installation (made in 2010). It plays with the presence of persons that trigger musical tracks of generative melodies. The computer is writing its own song depending on how many people it can see. Each person is then represented with a colored cube that grows or diminishes depending on the melody generated. Basically, this installation transforms people into sounds into shapes. It reveals the possibility to avatarize bodies into different forms of abstractions.